The modern day trail blazer

Female role models have been in the back of my mind for some time now. Perhaps this has to do with the rise of women's movements and today's political climate. There is also the growing sense of community I am developing amongst my own gender. In my very short time as an adult,  I have sensed a shift. Women's' collective voice is growing louder; with that come stories of women who have broken the glass ceiling, who have been pioneers in their industries, who have displayed incredible strength and determination to accomplish their feats. For me, this shift is about celebrating the women we choose as role models: from the mothers and sisters and friends to the Harriet Tubmans, Virginia Woolfes, Robyn Davidsons  and Ruth Bader Ginsburgs of this world.

One of my recent studio sessions was with a trail blazer in our very own Cutting Horse industry. Lindy Burch is the first woman to have won the Reserve Championship in the NCHA Cutting Horse Futurity in 1979 and the following year, the first woman to win the NCHA Futurity. Among many other accomplishments, in 1998 she set a record by marking a historic 233 at the NCHA World Finals on board Bet Yer Blue Boons. The now 29 year old legendary mare also joined us in the studio and Lindy could not resist getting on her for a couple shots. 

Lindy has been helping me in the show pen ever since I started riding in the US. May all young women have strong peers to look to for inspiration, motivation and strength.